Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Away for a looooooonnnnnnggggggg time!!

Vanakkam, Hello and Salam Muhibbah to all...

It's been a long time since i last updated my blog,gosh!! Nearly forget that i have a blog lah, as it is above,the picture represents me and my sole life for the past 2 months.Trust me deary readers,my life was filled with alot of things...Narege Vethene lah,Dappa dance adirichi for Raj Dev.REASON Y NEVER UPDATE? cumin,cumin down:

* New Semester, New Task
* New Task means New Assignments,Presentations,Proposals, Programmings,
Writing mini
journals in IT (from 6 Courses-20 credit hours)
* Plus Plus Thesis lagi !!(24-7 research and design)
* Final Year got programmes in Colleges & University level, haven't retired yet!
* Part-Time tuition teacher in a far distance center from campus (Tiredlah)
* Weekends got discussions and meetings in library or college

So i hope i have answered to those who wish to ask,tell or bash me with:
1) Hey u dun open blog lah?tak gunapun..
2) Apa punya la mike tak update lama sudah?
3) Unakella enatekku da blogge?
I seem to comprehend the gist of your speeches as you do not comply with my ongoing life matter (as i received,heard,Sms lagi pun ada), but now i see there's no exception. It's a lesson for me,as i will try my best to update my readers as frequent as i can.Plz hold on as i am working on a new article,it'll be up soon.till then cheers.

Raj Dev


  1. two weeks back im also in your situation , last week my ONLY one week semester break . This week back in collage again to continue my next sem .

    still in 1st week , so before the assignment and all other things catch up with me , my aim for this week to post as much as i can before go through the "Hell" again . haha

    i understand your situation most , lol .

  2. Thanks brader....
    Raj Dev

  3. Ithelam sagejem appa..blogger's valkai le..

  4. Lol. Kesh..ninggelah sonnethe..ninggelah..ninggelah..ningggelahh....hehehe..

    By the way..welcome back Raj and put up some M1 articles bro..Lol

  5. parevalai cha...ennaku un nilamai puriyethu...cool2...take it easy policy...

  6. ##vanie
    Mikka nandri cha mikka nandri....

  7. Dei...pity u lah..opss..pity us man!!!


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