Friday, June 27, 2008

A Blogger's Thought !

Hello Viewers & Fellow Bloggers,

I'll be off to penang tonite to pay a small visit to my grandma's house and will be back on sunday I wont be able to update / blog as in Penang i'm not sure il have an internet connection or not.If got lucky, kalo tak da i'm sori frens...its a sudden plan, so its a no way out for me!!

So in the mean time i have a question for all my readers?

What will be a Blogger's first thought once he / she wakes up in the morning?
(please note that your comments must be only based in contact with bloghosphere, Plz don't give the bangun pagi, gosok gigi song all dear bros / sis).Thank you!

Ok, so we shall see how many comments received in the next couple of days.
Till then, cheers...


  1. Hmm...what topic should i blog about today????

  2. i would..check out my email! and see who comment my post!

  3. All this while..

    I used to woke up late in the morning; have a look at my watch and shout to my roomate, "Damn, we are too late to class. Let's screw it and attend the next one" and then sambung tidur till noon.

    After this it might sound a little different..

    "Damn.. I'm late to work" And I can't sambung tidur of course :(

  4. thank u frens for the comments....u know wat i would say first...well it just Haiyo Kadavule,y la so fast morning dy,the nite could be a little longer...huh!!

  5. I've never seen morning for quite some years di thalaiva. I work permanently at night.

  6. Hmph..currently..only one thing..complete make over of my blog..and hw to fix those tiny probs..

  7. #Durai:manichiringe bang!ipedi ore iket thana sulnilei varum ne na nenechi pakale.

    #kesh:kepup the good work..hope to c anewer luk in ur site.


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