Wednesday, June 25, 2008


The one affiliations 16,000 students are bounded in. University Malaysia Sabah a place of peace & serenity, prosperity, happiness, joy & a warm welcome the moment your legs touch the ground of Sabah (land below the wind). It's situated about 20 minutes drive from the nearest city center KotaKinabalu & also the Airport T1/T2. Consisting of 8schools, 1Library, 2Research centers(IPMB &IPTB), 5 residential colleges (AB,CD,E,KF&IP) & a hell big sports complex. Food here in Sabah has much variety compared to our peninsular because here there are many ethnicity so each of them have their own 'makan style'. Behind this Historical state & modernized University lies many untold, unrealised, known but kept to be unknown, secretives, loves, hatred, faiths, frowls beneath the mask from small colleges activities to bigger organisations within the students whom they call themselves 'Mahasiswa/Mahasisiwi' after swearing the oath(AKUJANJI) in the 2nd best Malaysian Hall after Putrajaya d' Canselor Hall(A visibledream for all UMS citizens,Oh man Bilalah saya mau masuk la dalam dewan dgn baju Grad saya!!). Enuff of my uni stories, this is just an intro for those folks who are not from UMS, for ums stud u al knw(esp Boys) wat the histories n my contents will be...hehehe.Till the next post...Cheers!!

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