Friday, June 20, 2008

How to Start a Blog

  1. #Crack your fingers.
  2. #Switch on your PC/laptop.
  3. #Get connected to the Net.
  4. #Curse your ISP over the slow connection. @#(*&$)^
  5. #Go to any one of these sites:,,,,,, or
  6. #Curse your ISP over the slow connection. @#(*&$)^
  7. #Sign up.
  8. #Choose from a gallery of ready-made templates to personalise what would eventually be your blog.
  9. #Add stuff like your name, your pet peeves, and your pet's pictures. Wonder why your pet must walk gggggggg on your ]]]]] keyboard while 88888 you're trying to get some work done. Contemplate putting it down.
  10. #Add more stuff like buttons, blog chalks, imoods, tagboards, guest maps, guestbooks, comment boxes for readers' input, etc.
  11. #Ask yourself whether you want the whole friggin' world to read your stuff, or just your weird family members and pals. Keep in mind that most blog sites offer a nifty feature which allows you to password-protect posts so only your weird family members and friends can view it.
  12. #Make your site look damm cool. Keep in mind that what is cool to you, may not be cool to others. Pick one of the many sets of predefined layouts and colour schemes that you fancy. Alternatively, edit your own.
  13. #Your blog's done!Yahoo,finally i got it....
  14. #Start writing an article and post it.
  15. #Curse your ISP over the slow connection. @#(*&$)^
  16. #See a mistake? Make/Edit changes.
  17. #Wonder why your pet must walk ffffff on your ///////// keyboard while you're trying to 000000 get some work done.
  18. #Contemplate putting it down.

1 comment:

  1. Lol..nice step to teach newbie open :)


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